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Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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This group is for people who like to experience what the fantastic, beautiful Coastal Town of Bournemouth and the surrounding villages and towns has to offer. So whether you are looking to get back in the dating game, find that special someone or just looking to make new friends and would like to have fun trying new activities and events along the way, then this is the group for you

Are you tired of on-line dating and think there must be a better way?

It does not matter if you are shy, sociable , or the life and soul and soul of the party,all are welcome. Those new to town, or just visiting are encouraged to come along

We provide a wide range of outing and activities. Drinks in bars club nights with dancing, meals , trips to the country or seaside. These meetings give our guests the opportunity to meet people and share laugh, jokes good times, and maybe little more.!!!
Enjoying good times in life is great, doing it with others makes the enjoyment even sweeter.
There will be a lot of free events provided as socialising all the time can add up the costs
This group is open to those who live outside Bournemouth and the surrounding areas too


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