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Houston, United States
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A fun and outgoing group of friends and future friends (45 & up) that like to get out and about! Our main focus will be dancing and/or listening to Blues, Country and Rock n’ Roll music and other music genres whether it be live music, a DJ or concerts.

We also will be open to other kinds of group adventures such as sporting events, festivals, house parties, wine tours, movies, foodie dinners, theatre, comedy shows and quick getaway weekends. We are also open to nature hikes and activities such camping & kayaking.

If you have an interest or event to share and want to host, we can set that up! It’d be nice to have at least 1 weekly get together.

Event locations will vary with Event Organizers interests and schedules. If you want to do something close to home, volunteer to host! I live in NW Houston and will host events out here as well.


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