The Trailblazin' Singles of South Jersey

Maple Shade, United States
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Active Singles 30 and older looking for fun events including happy hours, dining out, dancing to live music, local wine tours, day trips to the shore, hiking and more! Planning to have 2 trips annually to NYC (train) with our expert NYC guide. We are different from other groups as we request that you attend at least 2 events every year but we are sure you will attend more. We will be centered in South Jersey but we will explore the Philadelphia area. We will have special events including BlackJack training. The goal is for everyone to meet new friends and possibly a significant other! We are open to suggestions for events.

We are different from other meetup groups in that we require your participation and a small annual donation for the cost of running the meetup; all monies are spent on charges Meetup sends to the Organizer, if any monies remain these will be used for special events such as the annual holiday party for our members. We are looking for people who want to create strong friendships and have a welcoming community type vibe where we care for each other and have fun at our events. We are only looking for members who respect other people's time, please don't cancel at the last minute unless truly an emergency. We all have busy schedules. We ask that you be prompt to the events but realize that traffic may prevent you from arriving on-time. Kindly let the hosts know if you are running late. Be considerate of your fellow members. The co-founders of our group used to belong to dozens of meetup groups and decided to help narrow their focus and truly create a different type of group. We encourage every member to come out and experience the diversity of people and events that our group provides. Let's make this group the best and fun for everyone.


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