Brooklyn and Tristate Dance, Get out and Mingle Meetup

Brooklyn, United States
35 Members

If you want to meet new people, learn some great social dancing, get out and mingle. This is the group for you. We will offer Hustle, Salsa, Swing,Tango and Latin dance>

 Weekly workshops, parties and dance outings ,events we will go as a group to in the Tri-state area. Hey maybe even Miami, or Philly! Who knows but we think outside the box and area! So as a member you get discounts and lots of  fun events- We combine members from New York, and Connecticut areas to expand dance to every where. I organize classes, special workshops, dance trips and outings- to expand our friendships. 

* We also would rather have a group that actually attends events, then a group with lots of members that don't come to anything. So if you never rsvp or answer any  emails  we will remove you. As why be in a group that you don't respond to ,. No Offense some of these events we do as a volunteer and we also get charged to have the group on meetup every month. - if you do not attend at least one event per quarter or rsvp but do not show after 2 times, we take you out of the meetup. ITs only fair to open up your spot to someone who wants to attend. As we offer meetup people discounts different than the outside members. So we appreciate people staying connected and active. 

So Check out the calendar and lets boogie,



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