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Hello and welcome to Latino Professionals on Meetup!

We are a community of Latino Professionals committed to lifelong learning, idea exchange, and leadership. We foster a safe haven of trust, respect, and integrity for our community. Latino Professionals helps transform the lives of those who transform the world.

Core Values


In business, as in life, integrity is everything. Within our organization, integrity is our mantra. Confidence, respect and inclusiveness are imperatives. Non-judgment and non-solicitation are non-negotiable.


Our most valuable asset is wisdom, gained through our drive for knowledge and the transformational experiences that we share with our peers. A drive for learning leads to an open mind, and an open mind leads to greater opportunities.


This is what we've done all our lives. It's what allows us to grow and take risks. It inspires us to never give up, celebrate failures as well as successes. It's an innate instinct born out of courage, creativity and optimism.


We are in control of our destiny, and with that comes a great responsibility. To build value. Share resources. Help one another succeed. Cultivate relationships. To leave a legacy. We are willing to put in the effort to transform any experience into a positive one for all.

The Latino Professionals Meetup is a community for Latino/a Professionals and friends that enjoy our vibrant community coming together. That's me and you, and friends in Las Vegas and surrounding communities.

Being part of Latino Professionals is a great way for you to build, connect, and grow with like-minded professionals (e.g. managers, attorneys, dentists, architects, artists, engineers, nurses, doctors, entrepreneurs, executives, administrators, among others) in a setting that is conducive to building long-lasting friendships.

Join us and meet new friends, network, and engage in your community.  We can also provide you with information that can be useful to you in your professional career, tips, how-to, and a supportive forum to share your ideas.

Networking, Cultural Happenings, & Volunteering

I want to personally invite you to be part of an organic growing community that is cultivating healthy, nurturing, and inspiring connections via supportive long-lasting friendships in Las Vegas. Join us as we

give back to our community by engaging in PHILANTHROPY AND COMMUNITY SERVICE and joining SOCIAL MIXERS at Museums, Events, and Festivals that represent our Latin American Culture.

MEMBER AGREEMENT: By joining Latino Professionals, you agree to (1) have a face profile picture at all times, and (2) be active and attend at least one event every three months. We will politely ask individuals who do not act or engage in the group's values to leave the group. `No soliciting. 

Words from Rafael Magaña, Founder of Latino Professionals

Hello and Welcome.  I have organized hundreds of events for people to connect. It's my pleasure to share this group with you. I feel that we genuinely need this kind of group in the wonderful city of Las Vegas. Please contact me if you have any questions about joining. We welcome everyone in Las Vegas. Please keep in mind that membership is at Organizer's and Co-Organizer's discretion.

Rafael Magaña

Ph. 424-281-4184

Let's be friends!

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