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Melbourne, Australia
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If you want to get out, try new things and meet new people, join us as we spark our imagination, looking for things to do and places to go that feel somehow, different from the usual. Feel free to unleash your creativity and offer any suggestions as we go, your creative, fun and inspiring ideas will be appreciated!

There will be a whole variety of meetup types for us to try, something for your every mood and aspect of your personality:

outdoors, nature, camping <br>dining, dancing, live bands <br>adrenaline, adventure, exploring <br>wellness, personal development, relaxing <br>creative, playful, high energy <br>active, games <br> <br>We can sometimes be spontaneous and you can expect a mix of events at different times and some may even be announced in the spur of the moment. Perfect if you get a sudden urge to just do something! Be sure to check your Meetup app for in the moment experiences.

Recommended age: 35-55 <br>

It's exciting to do something different and make new friends with people that share similar interests. 

Your hosts and event organisers are Christine, Sim, Lalita and Bec.  We're looking forward to meeting you and having an adventure!


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