Bristol Women's Social

Bristol, United Kingdom
350 Members

**Please note - the main aim of this group is to stay small, friendly and familiar. We're no longer accepting join requests but it's nothing personal and you'll be added to the waitlist**

A group for women between 25-40ish to have fun and meet new people in Bristol.

If you're new in town/ your social life has taken a dive/ your friends have fallen victim to Netflix/ or you're just a bit bored right now then this is the group for you!

Expect tea, cake, music, beers, banter, board games, dancing and more 🎉

Important things to know:

• Organiser membership on Meetup costs £150 per year. So, in order to keep the group going, a membership fee is payable after your first month. This costs £5 for 6 months, just to cover my own expense. Any excess money made will be taken off of future membership or added to a kitty, not kept for profit - this support is much appreciated :)

• Please be considerate of other members by giving at least 24 hours notice if you can't make an event. This way people on the waitlist have enough notice to be able to take your place. Sometimes we genuinely can't make stuff and that's totally fine, but in order to keep this fair we do have a three strike no show policy.


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