Barcelona Conscious Movement Dance Class

Barcelona, Spain
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This meetup is for any individual looking to empower themselves through movement. This is no conventional dance class! Instead of focusing on dance styles and techniques, we will focus on the power that movement and dance have on our feelings, emotions and well-being. 

You will learn to connect with your truest self and express your uniqueness through movement. As a current master’s student in Dance and Movement Therapy (DMT), I will incorporate different DMT techniques meant to connect your perceptions of mind and body. I will create a safe and welcoming environment, encouraging you to experiment with unknown territories. 

Whether you want a dance class that will make you feel energetic, sensual, confident, empowered, or relaxed, coming to this class will be a gift to your body and your mind. Come find new inspirations, play with new possibilities, release inhibitions, and experience what it is to move freely. How will dancing move YOU through life?

Some of the elements we will work on include: breathing, body language, body awareness, grounding, relation to others, relation to yourself, group dynamics, movement identity, body empowerment, freedom of expression, amplification of range of movement, symbolization, expression, creativity, & more!


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