Yoga and Karaoke Combined: Followed by Ecstatic Dancing

Oklahoma City, United States
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Love Yoga movements?  Love Karaoke?   Wish they could all be combined? Well they are now. Can't sing? Can't yoga? No problem.  Me neither, not well anyways. But that doesn't stop me and it shouldn't stop you. Yogaoke is for people who want to partake in activities they love without wondering if it is right or wrong. With total abandonment the Ayahuasca way. Yogaoke is Spirituality with an Edge. Especially welcome are people with tattoos, people who curse, and those that want to break out of the humdrum of traditional spirituality and  the daily grind of the Matrix. Namaste Mofos!  ----  Immediately following YogaKaraoke is Ecstatic Dancing.  


"HOW COOL IS THIS! The atmosphere is great, the experience is so fun and unique, and I just love the instructor! I'm hooked." -- Morgan Sowell

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