WALTZ - Dancing the Ballroom Floor.

Melbourne, Australia
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*This is NOT a dancing lessons/classes spot.

This little realm is for charming Ballroom dancers, elegance appreciators, and whoever sincerely keen to support, talk, or know about what Ballroom Dancing really is and the admiration it deserves.

This group will offer social activities both suggested by me, the organiser, and you, the loved member, if you had a nice idea~ 

We are waltzing around Melbourne to find some of the most aesthetic and refined (sophisticated but not expensive) spots (bars or live gigs) with music with the taste of class, such as Jazz, or other activities related to Ballroom such as social dancing events.

Do remember to tell me if you fancy or you've heard about any kind of related event. We ought to support and encourage Ballroom Dancing!

Yours sincerely,



- Drugs selling, sexual harassment, racism, or any other inappropriate action similar MUST BE REPORTED to me (in private if need be), and to Law Authorities if an any suspicious action made it necessary.

- Whoever fights, bully, or bad-mouth other members will be asked to LEAVE immediately.

- It's LGBT friendly circle; all shapes/sizes/genders/ages are welcomed, so do not show me your face if you are a hateful heterosexual for instant, or vile at heart.

- I am NOT responsible to babysit or take anyone home for being drunk. Please do watch over yourself and ensure you have got someone to rely on to call in need or drive you home.


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