I Love Salsa in Orange County

Buena Park, United States
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Hi! This Meetup was created for all of those who always wanted to learn how to dance Salsa but never had a chance, or feel like they have 2 left feet, or don;'t have anyone to take a class with. At our classes, located inside the Elegant Riviera Lounge in Buena Park, you don't need any experience, or partner to join in. 99% of students come without partners, and everyone has a great time while meeting fellow class mates.

After classes we always stay and dance the night away. You can get a bite to eat, smoke hookah in the patio, or get a dinner special. And we also have bachata classes!

We are there every Wednesday, 7:30pm Bachata Class, 8:30pm Salsa Class for Beginners and Intermediate levels (2 teachers) at The Riviera Lounge, 7115 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, right next to Black Angus and Days Inn Hotel. Plenty of FREE Parking.

Classes ar $15 each or 10 for $99. PRINT THIS PAGE AND GET 10 CLASSES FOR $49 AT THE DOOR (FIRST TIME STUDENTS) so you can check it out without spending too much.

We want to create. Avery friendly and welcoming Salsa Community to the North OC area. Come check us out!


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