Lynnwood Dancing Meetup

Lynnwood, United States
276 Members

Let's get together just to dance and meet new friends. There will be no choreography to follow. You do not need to be a professional dancer or has specialty of a style. As long as you can shake your booties, jump to the music or even just nod your head with the rhythm. This is the group you would want to join!
Bring you family and friends. Each meet-up we will play different genre, decade, featured artist or music. Kids and grandparents are welcome! Single or married couple. As long as you love to dance, you are welcome to join!
If you are looking for a non-traditional or fun ways of loosing weight without the pressure of having a plan or routine this is it! If you are stressed with anything, this the way to de-stress. If you love to dance but no partner to dance to, this is where you go. If you just want to dance, I want you to join me.


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