Palo Alto Ballroom Dancing Meetup

Palo Alto, United States
2837 Members

Welcome! to the Palo Alto Ballroom Dancing Meetup Group. Our Meetup Group is for everyone- singles or couples & who want to try ballroom dancing with like-minded individuals without stress. If you have never or little experience in ballroom dancing, this is the right place for you to step up for your first dance. Make new friends, socialize, take lessons and dance every Saturday night away, whether you have 2 left feet or are a dance champ ! We are building a community of everyday people looking to dance (no flashy moves required!) With us you can learn any of the dances you are interested in – Cha-Cha –Waltz- Tango-Swing-Salsa-Rumba-Hustle-Sumba-Foxtrot and more. Come out to dance, laugh and mingle with a great group. You will also get Sneaks, non-alcohol beverages to quench your thirst and keep you cool. We look forward to seeing you there.


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