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While living in UAE is rather fun and safe however, finding good company for our kids proves to be rather challenging task for so many reasons. This group is an attempt to help just with that.

Family adventures & fun activities is about making the best out of the little time we get to spend with our kids over weekends. It is about creating fun and friendly atmosphere where we can bond with our kids and each other. and share activities that hopefully most can relate to and enjoy.

List of activities include but not limited to:
-Water parks (Yas, Wild Wadi, Aquaculture, Dreamland, etc.)
-Amusement parks (Butterfly garden, Dubai Parks & resorts, WB, Ferrari world, IMG world, Kidzania, Green planet, Butterfly garden, etc.)
-Zoo & Safari trips.
-Ice skating (Dubai mall & Al Nasser leisure land)
-Zip lines (Aventura, Jebel Jais)
-Paint Ball (Sharjah & Jebel Ali)
-Sky Diving
-Beach side
-Road trips (UAE & Oman)
-Hiking (UAE & Oman)
-Desert drives and off-roading
-Movies & Cinema (indoor and outdoor)
-Nerf guns & lazier tag
-Musical activities (Group drumming)
-Skating (Ice and rollers)
-Escape rooms
-Treasure hunts
-Cards and board games
-Lego & other building blocks games. 
-Art (Clay, drawing, painting, sculpture, Dancing, Singing)
-Camping (Beach, desert or mountain)
-Public parks
-Video games

Group Rules

1-This group is for families with at least one kid between the age 5 to 17 years who live in UAE, individuals with no kids can join activities as guests only when they are co-hosting an event. 

2-Strictly no electronics for kids while doing an outdoor activities, parents are expected to encourage that by limiting their own use of mobiles to important calls.

3-High hygiene standard, we leave any place we go to as clean as possible.

4-Zero tolerance for bullying, fighting or being mean in general. While the organizers will try their best to keep a positive atmosphere, parents are responsible for their own kids behaviors.

5-At least one First aid kit must be present at any outdoor activity.

6-If your kid/s suffer from any allergy or special condition please make sure you inform the group organizers. We will do our best to help however, ultimately it is the parent responsibility to keep an eye on their kids at all times.

7-This group for active members only, you should take part at in least one activity within 3 months, failing to do so may result in forced exit.

8-For ease of communication there is a Whats App group for this group, it is optional to join it and it will only be used for announcements & logistics. No forwards of any kind are allowed. 

9- Moderation and tolerance, UAE is a very divers country and we actively aim at keeping a healthy mix of all nationalities. We share fun & respect with others and -unless asked for - we keep opinions and "free parenting advises" to our selves.  


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