North Sound Lesbians (Whatcom/Skagit/Canada)

Bellingham, United States
99 Members

We are a group of lesbians that live all over but mostly in the Whatcom/Skagit counties and Southern BC. We are a social group that gets together for potlucks, dancing, game nights, girls night out, camping, hiking, coffee, book clubs, motorcycle rides, volunteering, picnics, fishing and any other ways we can think of to socialize.

We have organized over 300 meet-ups in the last 4+ years and they vary from women's dances to Saturday night dinners to ski weekends to a weekend camp-out on the Olympic Peninsula.

You may create your own events and organize them yourself so there is an abundance of social opportunities available for everyone from the North Sound Lesbian Meet-up group.

If you want to laugh, hear great stories, have fun and make some great friends then please become a member.

A $5/yr memberships fee is required to stay in the group after the initial trial. If dues it not paid, Meet up atuomatically drops you from membership. You can alsways sign up again. 


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