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Welcome to JOY TRIBE! 

Building a community for people looking for awesome events that have authenticity, integrity and bags of fun!!

Ecstatic Dance - Sober Rave - Conscious Clubbing - Meaning Of Life Workshops - Creativity Master Classes - Mindfulness - Music Production Masterclasses - Next Level Meditation - Living Joyfully

Join our community for this and much more.

Calling all ecstatic dancers!! We are running conscious clubbing nights in St Catherine's Church near New Cross Gate station.

Tickets Available here: <br>

Ecstatic dance -sober rave - no alcohol - no drugs <br>Just dancing barefoot - express yourself without judgement - 18+

World beats - electro disco - lofi - deep and tribal house <br>music for the heart - followed by mindfulness sound bath


We are putting on ground breaking conscious events with some of the pioneers working with energy, consciousness and movement. You want uplifting, next level experience, welcome on board!!!


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