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Are you interested in meeting other baby boomers on the SOUTHWEST /Missouri City/Sugar Land side of Houston on a social basis? We're an energetic social and activity group of Black American men and women who are not ready to sit home! All ethnicities are welcome to join us and experience various restaurants and hang outs in the Metro area that appeal to our age group. Let's get out there and have fun!! If you're a "Baby Boomer", male or female, single or married, join us!

What is a Baby Boomer?

The Baby Boomer Generation is generally thought to include those born after World War II from 1946-1964. We don't demand that you be in this age group but you will probably be more comfortable with our group if you are!

There are approximately 76 million Baby Boomers and they represent the single largest demographic group in existence today. Whoa, that is a LOT of Boomers!This group is for 50+ men and women who want to socialize, go out and have fun, and make new friends! Both singles and those in a relationship are welcome to join. We only ask that you join as individuals. We are about making new friends and having fun doing that.

The Meetups include attending theaters, concerts, walking, hiking, bowling, picnics, cultural events, day trips, Holiday Parties, card/dominoes/game nights, dancing, live music, casino bus trips, Monthly Birthday Meetup, museums, movies, Backyard BBQ, empowering seminars, wine tasting, and hang outs in and around the Metro area. We are also good at going out to breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner. Who knows, we may even get one of the guys to organize a fishing meetup!! We do anything that sounds interesting. If you're looking for something to do, and a place to make friends, have some laughs and socialize, this will be a great Meetup group for you. Check out the calendar and join in!

Our goal for this group is to put together a fun, friendly group of men and women in the SW Houston and surrounding areas. Our events are designed for men and women 50 years or older. We have a few rules that help our group run well.

1. Your profile must have a clear photo of you.

2. Before signing up for an event, read all the details including costs, parking, and what to expect.

3. Our rsvp system allows us to make the correct reservations at venues. We ask that you do everything possible to show up when you say you will. A no-show, late arrival, or late cancel causes disruption to everyone involved, so we track these things on your membership account. Things happen; let us know if you have an emergency. That said, we reserve the right to remove your membership should there be excessive disruptions.

4. Show up and have fun with us! This group is not about numbers; it is about making friends. Most of our events are small group so we can meet and interact with everyone there. We want active members and we want to see you often.

5. If you would like to co-host or suggest an event let us know. Dinner? A movie? A lecture? Dinner at your house?

6. If the event you want is FULL please add yourself to the waitlist and you will automatically be moved into an open place if one becomes available. If you make other plans it is your responsibility to take yourself off the waitlist.

7. Keep your contact information up-to-date so we can communicate.

8. Understand that MOST events will center around the overall SW Houston area with an emphasis on Downtown Houston, Third Ward, and Southwest Houston area (Stafford, Missouri City, Sugar Land)

Welcome, and we hope to see you soon!


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