Abu Dhabi Bellydance Workshops Meetup

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Bellydance workshops for Ladies - open level

14.09.2018 (Friday)

12.00 pm - 2.30 pm - Baladi style

Raqs Baladi - belly dance style is a rural folk tradition music with common Middle Eastern rhythms. The word "Baladi" means "native", "of the country", "rustic". Baladi is an oriental dancing, including Arabic pop and traditional Egyptian dance music.
Learn the language of the taksim baladi while honing your own individuality and artistic expression.

15.09.2018 (Saturday)

1 pm - 3.45 pm Bellyton ( bellydance + reggaeton )

Fusion of dance derive from the regions of Latin America mixed with oriental dance. Latin dances are often fast, dynamic with an expressive music important to them are sensual hip movements and body. On the workshops you will learn the steps of reggaeton and bellydance.


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