Dancing for Fun for Singles (and Couples!)

Albuquerque, United States
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Moving to music with another person is one of the most fun, safe, and friendly ways to meet new people. If, like many people, you're a little intimidated by formal dancing or rock and roll dancing, this is the group for you!

The group is open and welcoming of people from all backgrounds and orientations. Dancing is for everyone!

We'll host events that teach you how to move to the music with a partner (lead/follow) in simple ways that everyone can enjoy. And if you really get into it, you can even learn to become skillful and elegant on the dance floor!

Our events are smoke- and alcohol-free, in spacious dance studios just right for getting to meet people.

Gary Diggs, our fearless leader, has taught many kinds of dance in Albuquerque over the past thirty years, including tango, international folk, swing, and cross-step waltz.

Whether you are new to town, looking to meet singles, or just interested in exploring social dancing in a non-threatening way, join us for fun, snacks, good music, and the chance to dance with that intriguing stranger across the room!

A note about the dancing you'll most likely get exposed to. Gary is currently very excited about a form of waltz called "cross-step." Waltzing is perhaps the most versatile and romantic style of dance and yet has very simple moves that anyone can do. Cross-step waltz is an informal style (no intimidating ballroom poses!) that allows you to be at least a little creative and spontaneous.

Cross-step easily incorporates moves from jazz, tango, swing, and salsa. Waltz music can be sweet and romantic, fiery and passionate, Latin, Irish, Russian, Israeli, Country Western, folk, even Middle Eastern. You'll never get bored with our music selection and there is always some pieces that will inspire you to take your dance partner's breath away!


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