Friendly fun adventures in Olympia

Olympia, United States
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Washington is a wonderful place to explore and meet inspiring individuals around you.

This group will have social events and dinners where lively discussions and making new friends will hopefully add fun to your day or evening.

Outdoor activities will be planned, hiking, camping, bbq’s and gatherings in the park to share a few. As well as possible day trips, I’ve one in mind to check out ape caves and the lava canyon for example.

For those that enjoy a bit of culture and the arts, there are museums and tours we can plan out.

Game nights will be planned as well. Board games and events such as laser tag.

There are often movies in the park or music festivals, Zumba, yoga, meditation, and many things offered around us locally that I enjoy and will be happy to share here with you all.

Come and meet new people, have fun, relax your mind, enjoy the world around you and show your spirit for the things that interest you.

Feel free to message if you’ve any suggestions for events or questions.

I am hoping to put together a Facebook group for all of us sharing on the events as we have them and pictures/videos from them so people can see all the fun to be had. Again this is in the planning stages, but anyone that wishes can add me on Facebook and as I get it together, I will add you in. Pm me for the info or ask at any of the events and I can make sure to add you.


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