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Taunton, United Kingdom
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Ours is a warm and friendly group hosting both Family Friendly and Kid Free Events. We don't like rules so have few the only one that matters is to be kind to others and to bring a sense of humour.

Kid Free Zones are open to all 35+ adults and will cover a range of events such as dining out, dining in, quiz nights, bands, dancing, races, canoes, walks ... if you want to do it, we can organise it. This is not a dating site but an opportunity for people who are looking to expand their social network to get together for fun and friendship! Whether you have moved to the area or find yourself looking to new horizons for other reasons, then this is the group for you. We are friendly and welcoming and look forward to meeting you.

We have realised that many adults who join these groups have school-aged children. Building friendships with like-minded adults, they may want to allow their kids to make new friendships too. To allow for this, Family Friendly events will range from activities in the park, cinema, bowling, walks, dining out and dining in ... anything that keeps the kids happy. Happy kids. Happy adults.

If you have anything you particularly want to do, then let us know, we're open to suggestions and if you want to help organise events that'd be great. If you have any particular skills and knowledge that you would like to bring to the group, please feel free to share. Otherwise, just come along, relax and enjoy.

There is a small cost associated with running the group. To cover these costs then we ask that on your third event, you contribute £5 to these costs. If the money collected exceeds the costs, then it will be used to subsidise events. This should be paid via PayPal using https://www.paypal.me/petitekiki or in cash in person. (Please note, if paying via PayPal it will cost £5.60 to cover PayPal fees ... sorry). 

A few guidelines to help the group run smoothly and safely:

* Kindness, respect and positivity are to be encouraged at all times.

* Humour goes a long way when situations aren't what they should be .....

* If you say your coming, please let us know if you can't make it at least 24 hours in advance.

* Any grown-up wishing to take-part in (or even start) a water fight are at liberty to do so!

* Predatory behaviour that leaves people feeling uncomfortable may mean you'll be asked to leave the group. Similarly, we won't tolerate offensive and inconsiderate behaviour. As kids attend some of our events, we ask that everyone is vigilant and works together to keep them safe. If anyone ever has any concerns, please don't hesitate to report it to an organiser.

* Most of our activities are for short periods of time and are organised so that everyone can get to know each other. We do, therefore, have a 'no electronics' rule and will kindly ask that our young people avoid social media and gaming for the duration of most events. This rule can be relaxed for longer events as we know how useful they are for 'quiet time!' 

* Finally, for the safety of the children, the organisers reserve the right to refuse guests at specific events. If you do not want pictures of your children to be posted on the MeetUp site, please can you let the organiser know. We do ask that members do not post pictures of children onto any other social media or online platform of any sort without the express permission of the parents.


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