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<br>I have decided to set up this group for  us Boltoners who have friends who are not able to go out as much anymore, due to commitments or if you fancy doing something your friends don't want to do, the aim is to make new friends and have fun - simple.

<br>I plan to arrange a range of events that suit all tastes such as; meals out, gigs, walks, day trips, cinema and nights out, dancing and drinking. I am happy to run this group with no fee.

I have moved around living in Manchester and London and have hosted city socialiser events in the past, with good success, so I hope to get a good group of people joining / participating also.


If you have any suggestions for things you would like to do, feel free to message Sue as she is able to put on extra events.

Feel free to message me for any general queries about the group and how it runs.

There have been a number of people booking on events and not turning up. Please cancel if you book on an event and are not able to make it as it would not be fair for others to miss out if they are on the wait list. It's respect for others 

Venues are booked for most events so if they fill up there will be a wait list. Some events are limited due to the type of event and space of the venue.

There is no priority system here with new or regular members. Everyone is treated fairly

If an event is full you will be added to the wait list and you will automatically be on the event if someone cancels their place. If you get on it from the wait list please still cancel if you are unable to make it.

Which brings me to finally, if a person has 2 no shows without cancelling their place they will be removed from the group in the spirit of respect and fairness to others 

This is to ensure its fair on the people who want to attend the events 

<br> * Welcome to the group - it is open to anyone who wants to socialise and make friends! *


Dawn, Group Organizer


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