Two Left Feet Club - LGBT Country Dance Lessons

San Francisco, United States
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So you think you can't dance? You've seen the two-stepping and line dancing, maybe at Sundance Saloon, or maybe around town, and you're thinking "I could never do that." Maybe you've even taken a lesson and feel like you failed. Or you're terrified to even try. But it looks like so much fun!

Well, this group is for you, or for anyone with two left feet. We'll have ultra-beginning lessons at Sundance Saloon in our own private setting, with everyone in the same boat, paced to your level, and absolutely no judgment. Come to one session, or however many it takes to start to feel comfortable. We're patient -- you be too! The emphasis is on having fun, and you will!

No partner needed. This is open to all, though we are predominantly LGBTQ. It works best if you are comfortable dancing with either men or women. We attract a wide cross-section of the LGBTQ community: men, women, cis, trans, all ages 20s to 70s. You must be 21+ to enter the club. Admission is only $5 including the lessons, but if that is too much for you, no one is turned away for lack of funds.

After the lesson, you can join the open dancing with the regulars, or if you're not ready to do that, just grab a drink and hang out and watch.


Some additional notes: We have three consecutive weeks of lessons. The focus will be on two-step, but we may branch out to some waltz and line dancing in sessions 2 and 3, depending on what you all want. I highly recommend coming to all three sessions if you can, but each session is intended also to be a stand-alone lesson, and we'll start from the beginning each time.


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