Nightlife Social

Kansas City, United States
42 Members

Join us if you enjoy..
-kansas city nightlife
-meeting new people (20's and 30's)
-exploring FREE and popular events

What can members expect..
- two to three meet ups a week (primarily weekends)
- is the event in KC, popular, AND free? we're in!
- Other common group activities: Westport bars, Power and Light District, Karaoke, pickup soccer, dancing, mixers with other meetup groups

What makes us different
- strong effort in making new people feel very welcomed
- pushing each other to step out of our comfort zones
- core belief that anyone can LEARN the social skills to create amazing social circles

This is a kc based social group that started as a group of guys in their 20's and 30's who were brought together by KC's nightlife. Just some goofy guys who wanted to have a good time. Friendships grew stronger as we realized we shared one characteristic: appreciating the growth that comes from leaving our comfort zones. Our group has grown to include some really well rounded individuals who enjoy kc's nightlife as well as exploring some of the great events KC has to offer


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