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Hi Everyone! Im WENDY. <br>Like me do you .....Love to BOOGIE? Watch a BAND or artiste? Want to LEARN to dance? Do a bit of KARAOKE? See a COMEDIAN? And generally have FUN? Then WHEREVER you live this group is for you.

MOST MEET-UPS that I put on will be for an evenings entertainment in the DERBY and surrounding areas. I will even put ones up that I might not attend myself, just so theres plenty going on for everyone to choose from. In which case I will ask for CO HOSTS to step in. <br>So although Derby might be too far for you ro travel too for a night out, I will be putting on BREAKS and HOLIDAY that everyone might be interested in!

If anybody wants to do something that I havent added, no matter where it is, as long as its related to Dance, Music, and FUN things (not meals, exercise, meditation etc) then PRIVATE MESSAGE me the details and I will consider advertising it for you!

RULES. I know, but nothings a success without them!

A head and shoulders photo of yourself is required to be a member, as is your real name. <br>You need to have your settings open to recieve messages, so please check that. <br>Age isnt important, neither is gender, sexuality, disability or race etc.

You can come to events even if your in a relationship (as long as your honest about it) as these are SOCIAL events, and Ppl still need fun and cant always get out with their partner.

In fact, you can have two heads and talk double dutch youll still be welcome.

BUT EXCEPTIONS to this rule are....Miserable Sods! Obnoxious idiots!, and Trouble Makers! etc etc because you'll spoil the fun! <br>Should you join and proove to be a pain in the xxxx and upset ppl you are likely to be removed!

So, whether like most ppl, you choose to come alone to find new friends or even a partner or just enjoy the event, your welcome to bring someone with you (add a plus one) if it puts you at ease.

Anybody turning up for the first time whose feeling apprehensive, let me or the other host know before the event, so we can make sure you can find us asap and we can introduce u to others.

THINGS NEWBIES MUST REMEMBER <br>We all at sometime joined meetup to enrich our lives. You are no different.

Everyone knows how it feels to be new to this, so the majority of people are both welcoming to newbies and excited to see fresh faces.

You will only get out of something what your prepared to put in. Even if feeling like you wish you hadnt come, stick it out, you will get there, it is worth it! Your no longer the newbie at your next event!

Just smile at ppl n they'll smile back! Talk to ppl and theyll talk back. If it looks like theyve gone to dance, that dont mean your not invited, just means theyve forgot your new so presume you know its free for all!

Theres always a variety of ppl in all groups. Youll never find them all at your 1st, or even 2nd n 3rd events. You WILL find some like minded ppl as long as you try.


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