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If you are a woman who loves dance, music, diversity, personal development, improving your own health, your body and your spirit; if you love to feel joy and you want to look good, to lose weight, improve your flexibility and mobility as well as your core strength while doing something fun; also, if you want to make positive connections, build friendships which are healthy and last.. this Group is for you!

We know many women out there are feeling lonely, insecure, uncertain of the future, overwhelmed with family and work duties..and we tend to hold it all in, to put others first and us last..
Let's be honest, we don't always honor ourselves and our wants and needs are set aside! We have kids, jobs, husbands to take care of.. so I decided to create a time for us women, to support and cherish one another. Not a whiny and bitchy session time, no gossip, no complaining.. but a time to laugh, dance, feel good in our bodies, share passions and joy. Take a couple of hours a week for yourself! YOU deserve it!

We will meet on Saturday mornings at 11:00am, as schedule permits, for one hour of BellyCore Fitness together and then have lunch, share inspirational stories, talk about a book which stimulated our imagination, a new movie, songs, our success, and whatever else is positive, uplifting and we want to share.
Every get together will be different, but no matter what it will have a BellyCore class in it. Check out our website: and also like us on Facebook and Instagram by looking for BellyCore Fitness.

In its defined shape, Belly Core fitness is a functional fitness program, which takes the technical moves and steps of different international dances, like modern belly dance, bhangra, Bollywood, African, Kizomba, salsa, samba, etc and transforms them into fitness in a very original way, on uplifting music, with the purpose of increasing flexibility and mobility in a student’s body as well as increasing the levels of strength and endurance while improving their overall happiness and energy inputs and outputs.

The get together will take place at a private residence which is located in Clearwater off of Curlew Rd Landmark. (McMullen Booth Rd) Because it is a private home, the space is limited to maximum 20 participants per meet and the address will be send only to those who paid.
The fee for the BellyCore class is $10.00 per person and you can pay through PayPal at

Please bring a yoga or fitness mat in order to participate in the toning and stretching parts of the class. Also, bring extra water with you.

Because of the limited space, RSVP in advance is absolutely required.

Looking forward to meet you!



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