Entrepreneur, Sexy and Black London (22+)

London, United Kingdom
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The ESB London Meetup is all about socialising with likeminded entrepreneurs who add value to others and bringing together people who love black music and culture.  We visit classy London restaurants, bars and clubs. Calling all black, afro-caribbeans (and those into black/afro-caribbean culture) on an entrepreneurial journey with a youthful vibe and energy into adding value to others and already interested in topics such as self-help, continuous self-improvement and passive income.

Our goals are: 

1. Add value, network and inspire other like-minded black and afro-caribbean people (AND those into black and afro-caribbean culture whatever race you are) with good vibes and youthful energy 
2. Socialise, eat, drink and party with others who are also on their entrepreneurial journey to success 

- Have you set up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit? 
- Do you want to eat, drink and party with like minded people at comfortable and classy restaurants, bars and clubs? 
- Do you have a youthful vibe and energy ?  
- Do you believe that life is about ADDING VALUE to others, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT to become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF while you LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL 
- Are you into black music and events at High End Clubs with genres such as R&B, Trap, Soca, Carnivals,or Afrobeat (and other music of black origin) ?  

If the answer to these questions is yes and you want to eat, drink and be merry with like-minded, open minded people on an entrepreneurial journey, living life to the full at classy restaurants, bars and clubs in London, JOIN THIS GROUP now ! 

Note:A face pic is required to build a community of friendly faces for face ID purposes, and to be fair to everyone else who added one. 


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