PRESENCE in MOTION: Argentine Tango & Focusing

San Francisco, United States
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Do you want to improve your relationship with others? Would you like to feel more comfortable and at ease in your body? Do you wish you could stop being so hard on yourself?  

If you answered YES to any of these questions, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

This fun and interactive 2-day workshop is an introduction to the basics of Inner Relationship Focusing, a mind/body awareness method which helps you HEAL THE INNER CRITIC and BECOME MORE CALM AND CONFIDENT.  It's also an introduction to Argentine tango, which is simply walking in an embrace. If you can walk, you can do tango. We use tango as a vehicle to practice being FULLY in your own body while connecting with another.  Tango and Focusing both show us how to live our lives better.  

NOT a typical dance class about learning steps or technique, this experiential workshop also incorporates principles from Aikido, yoga, TaiChi/ChiGung, positive psychology and mindfulness practices.  Although designed for people with no dance background, experienced dancers benefit tremendously from this approach as well. 

NO PARTNER NEEDED. Singles and couples are welcome.

Meets Sat & Sun 10:00 - 4:00 Both days are necessary. Sunday builds on what we cover on Saturday.

Watch a 10-minute film made by a Canadian psychotherapist, tango dancer and film maker who heard about this workshop. From interviewing many people globally who are combining tango with therapy, she has discovered that Presence in Motion is having some of the best results in the world.  

For more details, location and to register go to our website: 

EarlyBird through May 31  $245 per person (Bring a friend or partner $197 each)

Regular Rate $295  

Space is limited to 20 participants.  Sign up now to secure your spot! 

Pre-registration is required because space is limited and you get some FREE TOOLS to prepare ahead of time. By the way, you are welcome to get the FREE TOOLS (which is an introduction to Focusing) even if you don’t join us for the workshop.  

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