Young Social Non-Drinkers Adelaide (ages 25-39)

Adelaide, Australia
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Hey there! We run a range of fun social events in Adelaide similar to other meetup groups, the only difference being that our events are alcohol-free.

This is a friendly group for people who don't drink and who want to enjoy socializing without the alcohol. Our events are held all over Adelaide ranging from dinners, festivals, clubs, dancing, live music, brunches, days at the beach, exercise, movie nights, markets, weekend trips, games nights and more! Singles and couples are welcome.

We have a few 'Group Norms' to help keep this an enjoyable place for our members to meet. Please read these before you request to join.



*Your profile pic must include a clear picture of your face so we know who is coming along to our Meetups.

*At most events we ask for a gold coin donation toward the group to help cover the Meetup website costs and to help cover the cost of running events.

*We don't drink alcohol at our events.


*To help keep this a fun group for members to express and to enjoy themselves, we treat everyone here with respect. Any unkind or disrespectful behaviour brought to the organizer's attention and that which makes members feel unsafe or uncomfortable, will result in having membership removed from the group.

*If a person does not want to share their contact details with you or has asked you to stop messaging them, please respect their wishes.


*Please RSVP no later than 24 hours before the event. This is a common courtesy of respect for our organisers, respect for our members especially those who are on the waiting list and respect for the restaurant.

*No-show RSVPs - If you give your RSVP as "going" then you don't show up at the event, membership will be removed from the group but you can re-join the group at a later date.


*This is a group for active members. To be an active member all you need to do is one of either: RSVP a yes/no to an event or visit our group website in a 6 month period. Inactive membership will be removed after 6 months, but you can rejoin the group at a later date.


We host events all over Adelaide! If you have an idea for an event or if there's a place you want to check out, let us know so we can make it happen!

Thanks for your interest in the group, we look forward to meeting you at the next event soon!


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