4eva Body - Dancehall and Soca Fitness, Training & Nutrition

Pompano Beach, United States
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Why settle for a summer body, when you can have a "Forever Body"? <br>Come and Share in a journey with like-minded people. We’re all a work in progress. Whether you want to lose weight, or just want to increase your level of fitness, I offer Soca Aerobics and Dancehall Fitness Classes in the Tri-county area of Broward, Dade, and West Palm Beach.

Our home is based at the Lauderhill Sports Complex as of Wednesday, August 15th 2018.

Are you #CarnivalReady? The intention is to provide consistent classes throughout the year and build a community of friends who love to share in the art of Caribbean dance! Be Carnival Ready Year-round. You won't have to go to a club to indulge in the music that you love! Party during the week while getting the body you so desire. <br>

There will be 3 classes a week (technically 12 or more classes a month)

Prices will be set at $7 per class, Or $44 a month for Unlimited classes! Grab this deal.


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