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Welcome to join us, we will regularly have social events in Barcelona to help people make friends, socialize and Dance and practice other languages together.

Our free weekly events connect you with people of all ages and nationalities. Make new friends, experience new cultures and practise with native speakers, all whilst enjoying a drink in a bar.

Lets connect with this great city and each other with a fun and informative meetup coving topics such as: finding accommodation, jobs, enjoying the culture, transport and getting to grips with the English and Spanish language! If you have just moved to the Barcelona then this is a place where you should start. Its not too difficult to find your feet and and with some great tips and new friends your new life will be just as exciting as you hoped. We will outline the major issues you may have to deal with in your new life here and there will be time for a question and answer session. Meet others in your situation by joining in plenty of all important networking and mingling. Come along to this unique opportunity to get started and have some fun. Learn, share as you wish and make your Barcelona experience the best it can be.

When you join this group you can look forward to fun times, drinks parties, dining out at restaurants (Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish etc.) , dancing, nightlife, comedy, art and culture events, amongst other great events.

We┬┤re a group of around 100 people from a variety of different countries that meet once a week to chat, meet new people, and practice speaking another language.

A number of additional cultural and social events are being planned for the coming months and details will be published in due course. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future events, please get in touch!

All ages and levels of proficiency are welcome! Have fun and learn in a relaxed atmosphere. , welcome to join us, make friends, and have fun!

Member is welcome to propose an event if it is of interests to members. Please feel free to contact our organizers about your plans.

All CONVERSANDO language exchange meetups are FREE to attend.

Don't miss our...
- Friday socials
- Walks and trips
- Lunch, dinners & picnics
- Cultural events
(e.g. Taiwanese karaoke)
- Language exchange
...and much, much more!

* All ages (18+)

* Free entrance

* Every Week.

All our events are 100% free and volunteer-run; you can help us run events, too. We are a "crossroads community" and anyone who is global or aspires to be is kindly invited to step up. If you would like to help us organize or suggest new events and ideas, simply get in touch with TP.

Newcomers will also be made to feel welcome, so come and join us.

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