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Hello All! I'm a Certified DIO (Dance It Out) instructor who has also enjoyed the art of dancing my entire life. Routines will consist of routines I've put together however but will incorporate fitness as well. I thought this group would be a good way to bring wonderful people together (I'm new in town) to do something so many of us love to do, DANCE while in Heels! This group is for anyone who enjoys dancing, working out all while being sexy or bringing their sexy back who just need some me time! These will be dance classes held by myself and anyone who would like to be get involved (I'm open to help and ideas). Routines will be sexy, sometimes fast paced (to get a good work out in), and fun. I am thinking about having wine and snacks included in this meet up as well (let me know what you think about that idea) maybe to loosen everyone up. So you sexy mommas, wives, singles, EVERYONE grab your high heels (not mandatory but super fun) come join me and lets get moving!


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