Real Estate - Answers to Your Questions While Having Fun!

Pasadena, United States
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This group is about learning about real estate and have fun with great people.

Sometime you have questions on real estate. Sometimes it is something simple, and you just want to ask someone you know, in a fun, relaxed setting. This group has been created in part to do that, and more so, to get out with great people and do fun stuff. This is all to be done by getting out for events like hikes, meals at great restaurants, going dancing, and free classes related to areas in which you want some information.

Get out, do fun stuff, meet great people and make friends. There is so much fun stuff to do in Southern California. Let's get out to enjoy some of it. If you happen to have real estate questions, ask your friends in the group. But you don’t have to have real estate questions to participate. You can attend the great events just for fun, even if you don’t have any real estate questions.

Maybe your first or primary language is not English. We're putting this group together to meet, learn and get together with extraordinary, multifaceted people, that are happy to help one another find real estate information we want or need. Just to start with, we'll have members that are native speakers of the following languages:

° English
° Mandarin
° Cantonese
° Vietnamese
° Spanish

Want to get out for fun events? Woo hoo!

Come join us if you simply want to get out once in a while for some fun events where you can meet great people and do fun stuff. Maybe you don't have any real estate questions and you just want to get out for interesting, enjoyable, fun events! You are very welcome to join us.

If you know of a fun event that you'd like to post for the group, just contact the Organizer or any one of the Co-Organizers and we'll work at getting your event posted. To make it easier for members to plan and attend, let us know about the event you'd like us to post at least a 2 weeks before it will occur.

Here's a list of some of things we'll do, just to give you an idea:

° Hikes
° Classes
° Brunch, lunch or dinner at all types of restaurants. Dim Sum anyone?!!!
° Music events - free, inexpensive or regular cost
° Outdoor festivals
° Bike rides
° Workshops
° Picnics
° Museum or garden walks
° Day at the beach
° Free or low cost stage plays or performances
° Something you want to do

Let's us know if you have any suggestions for an event. If you want a class or workshop on a particular topic, let us know what it is and we'll get someone to do it.

This group is about answering your real estate questions and having fun while doing it. What do you want to do? Let us know!

This Meetup group is being started by members of Golden Land Investments & Financial, Incorporated. We're human too! We like to do fun stuff! We like to meet new people. We are also professionals with a wide array of skills, talent and experience. If you have a question, we're happy to help you get the information you need. If you don't have any particular question and simply want to Meetup with a diverse group of great, fun people, to get out and do some fun stuff, feel free to join us!


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