Dream Dancing Ceremony

Encinitas, United States
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You are a Dreamer. A Dancer. You have a dream journal.
You are an introvert who wants to connect.
You are someone who 'always wanted to dance' or say 'Well, I'm not a dancer.'
You yearn to move freely and feel elation and openness though your body.
You are a Dancer and are looking for a container that is deep, well held in ceremonial space, that is opened with breath, meditation and ceremony.
You love to experience the magic and synchronicities when a group of people come together and share authenically in presence and curiosity.

We will gather together to share our dreams.
Bring your dream journal if you have one.
We will settle into a ceremonial space and welcome the invisible supports in our lives, our ancestors, the ancestors of the land, the animal spirits of the land. We will offer a song, a prayer. We will share an intention, move, and create communal poetry from our collective dream material. Each gathering will be unique - and your unique contribution of showing up simply as yourself is so gratefully received.
We will close moving together and sharing our gratitude.


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