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Gold Coast, Australia
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We would like to invite you to our unique acoustic concert.
We will perform traditional Japanese songs alongside some beautiful
Japanese dancing. This will be performed wearing Japanese traditional
clothing called "Kimono" and also, a piece played with a Japanese folk
instrument called a 'Sanshin'. We hope to engage our audiences with a
heartful experience in Japanese culture.
Vocal excerpts from Japanese traditional songs and also famous arias from operas will be performed as well and this will be accompanied by a piano and flute etc.
The main singer, Yuumi, will travel all the way from Japan.
She is a professional opera singer, and has an incredibly magical voice.
Also, another singer, Emi, is based in Gold Coast and has performed in
various concerts in different occasions. Yuumi's beautiful soprano voice
combined with Emi's mezzo voice will create beautiful harmonies. This
performance will be done acoustically, so please enjoy the direct
vibrations throughout.

Music has no language barriers and has powerful healing properties.
We would love to share our music with you so please come to our concert
and enjoy the musical environment together.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Soprano: Yuumi Karakawa
Mezzo Soprano: Emi Yoshida
Flute/Piano: Makiko Fukushima
Piano: Kayako Suzuki ( 26th August )
Keiko Musaka (19th August )
Japanese dancers : Katsumi Maddison and Japanese dancing Mai

MC/ Singer: Chris White

Mobile: 0410330772 (Emi, text only)


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