Clown Academy Course & Big Shoe Camp

Adelaide, Australia
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Clown Academy Course

4 Mondays in 2019:  22nd, 29th July & 5th, 12th August, 6.30pm to 8.30 pm

Who can participate?

Everyone, no matter your age or profession, with or without experience.

Social/Health - to integrate the art of clowning as a medium of

intervention and healing through fun and laughter.

Artists - to broaden their range as professionals. Guidance is provided

for the creation and staging of acts.

Personal Growth - to experience the wonderful world of clowning & welcome

their playful self. Increase your sensitivity, intuition, body- & mind-fulness

Each Clown Academy Session has a different theme, focusing on a particular clown genre.                 

No prior experience or ability required.  Each session has 3 elements:

1. Physical Movement: Mime – Slapstick – Movement – Dance.

2. Improvisation: The role of Status - Short and long form improvisation;
Developing your unique character; Regional styles of clowning;
theory types of laughter; range of humour styles.

3. Technical Work: Circus Skills – Mask Work – Making fun music; Miscellaneous: manipulation of everyday objects, puppets; Creating Routines - the process, structure and content of solo, partner and group performances.

It is suggested that you wear loose comfortable clothing as the sessions are interactive.

$25 / $20 Conc. $80 for 4 sessions.

Outcomes: Access your inner Clown. Develop your Humour Quotient. Grow your physical, emotional and mental capacity range. Appreciate the power of play, laughter and joy.


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