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Mountain View, United States
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We welcome one and all. Guitars, keys, drums, djembes, congos, trumpets, horns, homemade instruments, rav and handpans, steel drums, analog keyboards, wind controllers, native american flutes, whistles, violins, violas, boomwhackers, shakers. All sounds, notes, tunings encouraged. Rock, jazz, blues, ambient, experimental, oldies, latin, bossa, salsa, meringue, forro, rap, circle-singing, acapella styles explored.

Discover how to communicate through music and voice. Make mistakes in a safe environment. =) Lift up others and yourself. Bring favorite instruments, voice, even clap & hum along with us. Let's make some weird, unique, authentic and beautiful music together.

Modeled after Music for People: http://www.musicforpeople.org/wp/about-mfp/what-is-music-for-people/


• Encourage play in music.

• Empathy - big ears.

• Embody Patterns.


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