Socialising for the Over 50's

Adelaide, Australia
216 Members

About Socialising for the Over 50’s 

This group has been organised for those who want to socialise and who are over 50 years of age. 

You can be either Single, Partnered or Married and are happy to attend our events on a regular basis.

We do require you however to attend an event within 4 weeks of joining. If you do not meet this requirement you will be removed as a member.

Please note we do have a capped membership and your application may take time.

All questions on your application to join are to be answered fully. If not this will result in being declined as a member.

We have a $5 membership fee payable at your first event to the host then payable every April.

We do have a lot of varied events for members to attend which include;

    Dinners & Lunches

    Walks - Heritage, Social, Beach, 

    Live Music

    Tours - History, Varied

    Theatre - Musical shows, Plays


    Quiz/Trivia nights

    Social Gatherings

    Book Club

    Day Trips

    Weekends Away

    Trips away for 5 to more days. 

    Cruises - Domestic, International

We do expect our members to;

    Show respect to all members at all times

    Have a clear and current Profile Picture of themselves. No extras in the photo.

    Participate in events on a regular basis.

    Not be marked as a no show

    Give reasonable notice to hosts along with a comment if unable to attend an event.  Notice required as follows 36 hours for a booked event eg. Dinners. Also if an event is held in a members home. 8 hours for all other events. Note a reasonable reason/excuse for you not attending outside these guidelines is required. A personal message can always be sent to the host of the particular event.

    Change their RSVP to not going if unable to attend an event

    Notify an organiser  if they have a personal reason for non  attendance for a period of time. Eg. Holidays, Sickness 

    Let an organiser know if at anytime another member acts inappropriately towards themselves or another

    That they pay a $5 membership on your first event to the host. Then payable every April.

    Not to use this group as a dating site.

    Be over 50 years of age

    Be part of this group with sharing ideas for events

    Enjoy themselves at each event in a safe & happy environment.

You will be removed from this group if any of the following apply.

  1.  Being marked as a No Show total of 2 times - this can also result by changing your RSVP without a valid reason in an unacceptable time frame. 

  2.  Any inappropriate behaviour shown to any member or members

  3.  Not attending an event in the required time from after membership accepted

  4.  Being deemed inactive as not attending events in a reasonable time frame of  12 weeks.

  5.  Non payment of membership fees

Looking forward to your application to join Socialising for the Over 50's.


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