Twin Cities Bi+ Ladies

Minneapolis, United States
378 Members

Ladies, let's hang out to get to know each other, make friends and most importantly have fun! We'll meet up for coffee or brunch to chat. We'll do lunches or dinners and try new foods. We'll get together for evening drinks and late night dancing. Let us know what you'd like to see from the group, and if you want to organize/host events just let Helen know!

We welcome diversity! The only membership guideline is that you identify as a woman attracted to more than one gender, and that you strive to be kind and respectful to everyone. All relationship statuses and lifestyle choices are valid. Our differences make life interesting! If this doesn't sit right with you, we are probably not the right group for you. Equally, if you're looking only to hook up, it's probably not the right group for you. The purpose of this meetup group is to have fun together and form friendships. If that sounds good to you, let's meet up!


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