UCSwing Wednesday West Coast Swing Meetup

Philadelphia, United States
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Come out and dance west coast swing with us! WCS is a modern swing dance that can trace its roots all the way back to Lindy Hop, but here we dance to contemporary movement! Swing dancing is an awesome partner dance full of creativity, music, and fun.

If you're not sure what WCS is, check out this incredible video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4fRV0aG3lc

At UCSwing, we offer beginner and advanced lessons, and periodically we bring in professional teachers and DJs to spice up our night! Our goal is to create an environment where everyone can learn this amazing dance and have an excellent night of dancing, regardless of their skill level. We are an open-role degendered dancing community, so regardless of which role you prefer, you are welcome here!

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