Dragon Dancing Union Square Somerville MA

Medford, United States
70 Members

Dragon Dancing adds modern music, spontaneity and playfulness to the ancient Qi Gong movements. This dynamic fusion reawakens our deep Knowing-How and gets the heart rate up. Our bodies do amazing things for us all day and all night. Let’s celebrate them with mindful movement that make a body smile inside and out. 
  We ease into things, move at a nice fluid pace allowing time to get acquainted with gentle Qi Gong movements like; Cross Hands, Fountain, Snake, Tree, Dragon, Crane and Wave hands like clouds. We’ll explore staying physically and emotionally grounded at different tempos and then allow ourselves to move independently in response to the music.
We’ll close out the hour together with a cool-down and take few moments of deep rest. Think of it as a great workout without the work. Would love to see you anytime!


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