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This group is for open-minded singles and couples age 21 and up who want to explore alternative lifestyles such as open relationships, polyamory, naturism, hedonism, BDSM relationships, and fetishes. Social events will build a family of like-minded friends. We will have events for all levels of experience and comfort. Most importantly we will build a network of friends, have a lot of fun, and have new experiences so we can learn more about each other and ourselves.

Lifestyle and Sexuality Education

We will have educational events focused on respect, consent, safety, and self awareness. Many of these events will be focused on those new to the lifestyle, but there will be others for those with more experience. Some of these will include events to learn more about BDSM relationships and techniques to keep partners safe, and how to respect each others energy and comfort.

New and Fun Experiences

In addition to educational events we will have or attend lifestyle parties to have fun, socialize with like-minded people, and share our experiences with others. These events are where we can put what we have learned into practice, get ideas from others, and learn more about ourselves. We will participate in dances, naturist parties, BDSM, and sex-positive events in a safe and trusting environment

Ladies: Your comfort is extremely important to me. I want you to feel safe. If anyone disrespects you or makes you feel uncomfortable they will be confronted and possibly dropped from the group.

Men: Remember that No means No! Maybe means No! Only a hard Yes means Yes. Make sure you respect the women and make them feel safe. We want a sex-positive environment and build a network of trusting friends to have fun with.

Men and Ladies: We want everyone to feel they can have fun, explore and be free without pressure, expectations, harassment, or any negative statements. Anyone, male or female that disrespects others will be asked to leave an event and possibly dropped from the group.

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