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2 hours of rhythmically working the brain and body. Come join us for back to back sessions of Adult Hip Hop Choreo followed up by Dance Fitness.

Dance Fitness

Dancing doesn’t just mean the jive or waltz, it comes in many forms, most of which work to tone your body and burn calories. Our dance-inspired fitness program incorporates easy-to-follow choreography to get your heart rate up with intense exercises to keep your muscles working. Most classes are designed for all fitness levels, however combine techniques and moves from interval training and dance routines for a workout that promotes ultimate fat burning and fitness. 5 REASONS TO TAKE DANCE FITNESS:

It feels like a party
It uses international music.
It’s for everyone.
Your brain gets a workout too
It'll Make You SMILE!

5 Reasons To take Hip Hop

Nowadays, there are so many dancers who can hit all 700 beats in a song but when asked to freestyle and vibe, they can’t feel the music or just groove. Your ability to pick up the choreo and execute it as the choreographer shows it is great, but your personal style is what will set you apart.

You’ll Widen Your Range of Motion
Engage Muscles You Didn’t Know You Had
Stay eager and keep an open mind
Learn to be more adjusted socially
You’ll Grow As A Dancer, In All Styles


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