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Bienvenido! Tom Lewis & I specialize in teaching Argentine tango to beginners and to people who have never danced before. We are passionate about tango and both of us have other professions but tango is central to our lives. I am Camille Cusumano, author of Tango, an Argentine Love Story, a memoir of a "woman who loved, lost, got mad, and decided to dance." I quit my day job in 2005 and went to live in Buenos Aires, where I danced tango, wrote, lived. and loved like never before. I experienced the transformative power of the tango embrace and once you do, there's no going back to anything less.

Tom & I remember the challenges we had in learning to dance tango, a dance like none other, and we bring a special approach to teaching tango---I like to call it "beginner's mind" (in the mind of beginners there are many possibilities, in the minds of experts, few.)

Come join us all every Wednesday at 7:30 at La Pista, 766 Brannan St (between 6th & 7th), SF. And coming in February, 2012, we will offer Beginner's Mind Tango, every Friday night 7 to 8pm.

Join the ranks of those tango lovers (OK, addicts might fit) who plan our travel, work, and much of our lives around the next milonga (the venue where tango is danced). Many, but not all have been to Mecca (Buenos Aires). Come to a beginner lesson and get infected with this infectious "at-ease." Guaranteed to leave smiling, happier, and feeling more loved---or your money back.


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