One People Tribal Nation

Albuquerque, United States
591 Members

Not all tribes are ancient. "One People Tribal Nation" offers events and sacred technology for Conscious Evolution.  These healing and empowering life ways will change the way you see the world and offer you the opportunity to grow into more of You...

People are looking for a new way to live, more connected to the Earth and to Collaboration.  We have made a place where people connect and find a new place of Harmony and Love.  We honor the women and the Divine Feminine as well as the men and the Divine Masculine, dancing in peace.

We can only truly heal together, in community.  There are many special tools and techniques available to ensure success in that process and in the seeking of growth.

Some Ceremonies like the Kiva meeting can stimulate the participants to journey deep into the realms of the conscious, retrieving lost connections to natural and holistic ways of living.

Sweat Lodge provides the opportunity to release toxins, both emotional and physical.

Yoga reshapes our body and allows higher consciousness to enter into the body, and releases the locked in physical mechanisms in order to free our minds to expand.

Nutritional information on  Kombucha and Gardening also provides knowledge about how to improve your overall health in order to allow your mind to thrive and flourish.

Ceremonies and classes are held in various locations in the Albuquerque area, as well as Kiva Lodge.

Its all about the Natural way of Things, how we can release our self-imposed limitations and help heal the world by healing ourselves.

It takes a community to raise a healthy balanced human being.


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