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Eat… sleep …work… repeat. Sometimes it feels like you are stuck… You might even ask yourself, is it all about this? Your soul keeps longing for a little bit more. Daily routine is for sure an extremely important and healthy thing to have. However, we sometimes get too obsessed with it, that we forget when and why we even started it in the first place. Life is not only about achieving things. It is also about consciously living and experiencing more. The more you live consciously and experience, the closer you get to what you need to achieve. This meetup is an attempt to take a moment and listen to our inner selves’ needs and allow it to grow and blossom. If you are into contemplating beautiful art, being in trance with a beautiful piece music, dancing and singing, meditating and being one with everything, being surrounded by nature, having deep discussions about our shared human experience… we love to have you on board!


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