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This free meetup will teach beginners different dance styles to build real confidence that you've always wanted in life.

You'll gain the unique skills set of learning dance to build confidence and combining that with the practical confidence skills to truly feel unstoppable.

You'll have confidence to be able to face social situations that give you anxiety. Like having to go to a wedding or going to any social event with dancing.

Think of all the times you wanted to join the fun on the dance floor, but hesitated. Maybe you didn't want to embarrass yourself on the dance floor and look like a fool.

Maybe you were just overwhelmed because the steps look too complicated to learn. We will once there. Beginners who only had a dream of dancing and 2 left feet. Watching old video clips I was HORRIBLE in the beginning.

Luckily, dance is a skill that can be learned... and should be learned. From my humble beginnings, I went on to dance and direct one of the best hip-hop competing teams in the world for 5 years, Common Ground Dance Team from UCI.

We placed 7th in the US Hip-Hop World Championships during my last year. Since then I've danced on more than a dozen different projects and teams including founding a team that was Forever 21's unofficial dancers for a year.

Not just hip-hop dance, but I learned the basics of social dance as well.

I went from being on the sidelines afraid at weddings to even try social dances to enjoying myself at events.

Even though Social dancing isn't our specialty, we'll teach you enough to become comfortable to take dance class and start!

This meetup will teach you how to build that initial foundation.

It starts with you and being able to dance and groove on the dance floor by yourself regardless of the song that's playing.

The foundations that will be taught will start with knowing how to find that groove of where no matter the style of music you'll be able to dance comfortably on your own.

Because the basics will drive everything else that where we will start.

After the basics of becoming comfortable listening to music and moving with basic steps. Everything else becomes easier.

We'll then teach the basics of other dance styles like swing, salsa, two-step, line dancing, hip-hop, and more... We hack the most used moves and teach those. The goal is to teach you what you need to be comfortable taking your first dance class.

What's awesome about these dance styles is they are all social. They have all their own sub-cultures and events. Once you get started, you'll be able to improve your social in the process of improving your confidence.

All while learning a life skill that is clinically proven to fight dementia and make you appear more attractive.

It can strengthen your relationship with your significant other or improve your dates while you search for them.

A life cheat code. All you need to do is click the join button and wait for the meetup event.

Now, imagine you have the confidence you've always wanted. What would you do with that? Join now, and let's make that a reality!

Jeff Losaria


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