DATE - Danbury Argentine Tango Enthusiasts

Danbury, United States
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Argentine Tango is special. It is not just a dance, where you learn some steps and shake your body to some music! When someone was asked, in a famous movie: "What is Tango?", the response was "Tango is love, hate, it is joy, sorrow, hope and despair - Tango is everything, Tango is life!"

Join DATE (Danbury Argentine Tango Enthusiasts) and learn and dance the subtle art form of the Argentine Tango. Experience the romanticism, complexity, beauty, sophistication and passion of this beautiful dance and music.

Meetups are held in Danbury and nearby towns. We will have classes (beginner and intermediate), Milongas (social dancing), performances and of course eats and drinks! For those who are interested there will be opportunities to learn Stage Tango and perform at amateur events.


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