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Hello everyone! I’m Stephanie, and I’m an expat coming from many places.. but originally from Venezuela. I would like to propose a group of FUN and FRIENDSHIP.

I have checked out a lot of the groups here at the Meetup community and even though they’re all awesome in their own way, they’re all centered on doing specific activities. So, I decided to create this group to make friends and share lots of different activities. <br>If you’re like me (expat newbie in Brussels), you probably would like to have an actual group of friends to plan activities!

BTW, Belgians are also very welcome :D

So, why not… <br>Going to the movies? <br>Going for a run or a walk? <br>Exploring Brussels or other beautiful city or interesting place ? <br>Dancing? Not Dancing Lessons! Just the good old-fashion way… going to some disco to enjoy a good body-shake 😊 <br>Bowling? or maybe eating some nice sushi or other delicious delicacy ? <br>Or just simply an Afterwork beer to reduce stress?

Well, I think you’ve now got my point :)

Also, I wouldn’t like to impose the activities… Well maybe at first, to see if you may be interested… but I would also like you to propose activities.

For that, I have thought out a very transparent, well known, and simple method: <br>1. Join our group :) <br>2. Go to the comments area <br>3. Comment the activity you’d like to do! <br>Or maybe you like some other activity proposed by other group member ? <br>if this is the case.. you just have to ‘Like’ ❤️ their comment.

The one that gets more likes will be the next Meetup !



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