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With 2019 comes fun new things, and in our case, a new, updated vision for Blues in Hong Kong for the upcoming year.

BluesPort HK would like to acknowledge that dancing the Blues in this port city is an import of traditions, values, history, and a continuous search for freedom within the music, the dance, with others, and the self. We’d like to think that we keep up to date by keeping our eyes and fingers on the pulse of the development of Blues internationally, learning history, learning culture, learning music, learning idiom dances, and learning what that means to dancers in the modern age, here, and around the world. Blues does not exist in a vacuum— it comes with so much vibrancy and history in both the past and present, sucked into the singular points of a beat, and then a shuffle, and then a song, life, in a moment of dance, and hence, our slogan: ‘Shufflin’ life into a beat’.

For us, the aesthetics of the blues dance as it was described emerging from traditional African dances is the heart of the dance. Now, we strive to learn about and understand how the dances then changed over the course of history in America, so that we can explain why different idiom dances exist, seeming different at first glance from one another but still keep their connection to the Blues aesthetics. 

Ultimately, with guidance from ourselves and others, we wish to show how these idioms and our own dancing selves and modes of expressions can integrate into a dance that is not wholly in the past, but is present as well in the now, and can represent each individual dancer in Hong Kong. 

Last but not least, we’d love to give a huge shout-out and thanks to Aceler who went above and beyond in helping us with consultation and design of our rebranding. Thanks Aceler. His website is here (!


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